Jacquie Clermont · Nov 22, 2021

Get $25 Gift Card for Gartner Peer Insights Review

Hi Community,

Just wanted to let you know there's still time to get a $25 dollar gift card from Gartner for reviewing our products.  Reviews must be objective (no InterSystems employees) and approved by Gartner. Here is the link:

It won't take long to complete the survey.

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Jacquie, I did that a couple of weeks ago, but the challenge is still "pending" even though the review was published by Gartner. How long should we expect it to take to get approved?

Hi David, that's a question for me,
I see your review pending on Global Masters. I checked Gartner for a couple of times, but could not find a published review with the headline you submitted. Could you please DM me the link to the published review so I could approve the challenge for you?
Thank you so much for submitting it!