· Aug 26, 2016 8m read

Enterprise Monitor and HealthShare

Enterprise Monitor is a component of Ensemble and can help organizations monitor multiple productions running on different namespaces within the same instance or namespaces running on multiple instances.

Documentation can be found at:

In Ensemble 2016.1 there were changes made to make this utility work with HealthShare environments.

This article will:

  • Show how to set up Enterprise Monitor for HealthShare sites
  • Show some features of Enterprise Monitor
  • Show some features of Enterprise Message Viewer

For this article, I used the following version of HealthShare:

Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.1 (Build 656U) Fri Mar 11 2016 17:42:42 EST [HealthShare Modules:Core:14.02.2415 + Linkage Engine:14.02.2415 + Patient Index:14.02.2415 + Clinical Viewer:14.02.2415 + Active Analytics:14.02.2415]

Set Up Enterprise Monitor

Create a new Namespace

Enterprise Monitor runs in its own namespace and can be located on an existing instance or on a separate instance.  In this article, I am running it on the same instance.

To Create a Namespace:

  • Go to System Management Portal -> System Administration -> Configuration -> System Configuration-> Namespaces
  • Click the “Create New Namespace” button

In this example, I created a HSMONITOR namespace.  I also created a new database, also called HSMONITOR

Screen Shot of Create a Namespace: