· Aug 24, 2021

ECP system ID


I'm looking through some journal entries in the hope of finding the root source of an issue.
I was wondering if and how you can map a "ECP system id" to a server.

Any hints would be welcome

Best regards

Product version: Caché 2018.1
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Hi Ivo -- based on empirical evidence in our system, I'd say the ECP system IDs correspond to the order of the app servers shown in the management portal under System > Configuration > ECP Settings > ECP Application Servers -- so the first server listed would have ID=1, the 7th, ID=7, etc.  What I don't know is if the order of these app servers can change, e.g. with system restarts, etc.

Hello Ivo - I myself have thought that this functionality could be useful so I've put in a request that InterSystems add a more friendly way to understand the ECP system ID. If you like, you could reach out to InterSystems to make known your use case and interest in this functionality.