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Hi Ephraim -- I had success creating a task with these settings:

Namespace to run in: %SYS
Task type: RunLegacyTask
Execute code: d ##class(%SYS.Audit).Export("AuditExport.xml",,,,$zdt($h-10,3)_" 23:59:59")

That last provided argument is the end date/time; you may want to adjust to your needs. 

You could redirect output to anything convenient (spool device, interprocess communication device, host file) then read it back into a variable and $$$TRACE the variable.  E.g., a two-liner using spool device 1:

k str o 2 u 2 zw  s numLines=$za-1 c 2 f line=1:1:numLines s str=str_^SPOOL(1,line)
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