Durable %SYS Directory for Caché/Ensemble ?

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IRIS offers Durable %SYS Directory as a highly useful feature for working with containers.

Before inventing the wheel once more I'd like to know if a similar feature also exists for Caché / Ensemble.
Official documentation is quite silent about.
Though I have some names in mind that might know more about   ( @Luca Ravazzolo @Dmitriy Maslennikov  ?     @Eduard Lebedyuk ?  )

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My actual solution. Just to complete this.

I'm using ccontainermain as provided by @Dmitriy Maslennikov 

 /dur/ccontainermain -xprestart=/dur/dinit -xstop=/dur/dsave/

all scripts are located in my durable volume I connect at container start.

To make life easier all journals and WIJ and also all non-%SYS DBs are also located on durable volume.

It is not foolproof but acceptable for test and development.

This feature was invented for IRIS. And not sure if Caché/Ensemble will get it. It would be better to move to IRIS, if you already thinking about containers.

I didn't expect an official feature. Of course. Rather a privat hack.
As I don't look for a generic solution but a rater semi-static setup
I  probably just mimic the result by a handcrafted script.   

Probably you can manage to extend ccontainermain functionality for it, which I suppose you going to use anyway, as iris-main yet IRIS only and not public.

Hi Robert,

I can confirm that we do not plan to port container improvements to Caché or Ensemble. Our Focus is IRIS only.

Ccontainermain is the way to go for your case.



Grazie Luca,

Ho trovato una soluzione usando  ccontainermain -xprestart=.... -xstop=.... 
Sono soddisfatto adesso.

Ciao da Vienna, Robert