Robert Cemper · Sep 1, 2019

Durable %SYS Directory for Caché/Ensemble ?

IRIS offers Durable %SYS Directory as a highly useful feature for working with containers.

Before inventing the wheel once more I'd like to know if a similar feature also exists for Caché / Ensemble.
Official documentation is quite silent about.
Though I have some names in mind that might know more about   ( @Luca Ravazzolo @Dmitry Maslennikov  ?     @Eduard Lebedyuk ?  )

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This feature was invented for IRIS. And not sure if Caché/Ensemble will get it. It would be better to move to IRIS, if you already thinking about containers.

I didn't expect an official feature. Of course. Rather a privat hack.
As I don't look for a generic solution but a rater semi-static setup
I  probably just mimic the result by a handcrafted script.   

Grazie Luca,

Ho trovato una soluzione usando  ccontainermain -xprestart=.... -xstop=.... 
Sono soddisfatto adesso.

Ciao da Vienna, Robert

Probably you can manage to extend ccontainermain functionality for it, which I suppose you going to use anyway, as iris-main yet IRIS only and not public.

My actual solution. Just to complete this.

I'm using ccontainermain as provided by @Dmitry Maslennikov 

 /dur/ccontainermain -xprestart=/dur/dinit -xstop=/dur/dsave/

all scripts are located in my durable volume I connect at container start.

To make life easier all journals and WIJ and also all non-%SYS DBs are also located on durable volume.

It is not foolproof but acceptable for test and development.

Hi Robert,

I can confirm that we do not plan to port container improvements to Caché or Ensemble. Our Focus is IRIS only.

Ccontainermain is the way to go for your case.