· Dec 2, 2019

Double points on GM for your contribution to the Spanish Community

Hi guys,

Great news for all Spanish-speaking community users! 

Finally, we launched new challenges on Global Masters and now you can collect points for contribution to the Developer Community in Spanish!

What's more? You will earn double points for making posts, comments and translations on DC in Spanish!


Please check the details below.

Posts  and comments 

Publish an article / ask a question / leave an answer or comment on DC in Spanish and get your DOUBLE points.

60 points for each answer or comment and 200 points for each post.


Translate useful articles, questions, announcements from English to Spanish to help us grow the knowledge base of DC in Spanish. 

How to add a translation? Read here.

50 points for each translation. And for the first translation, you get a DC Translator badge from the Advocate level!


You still don't know Spanish? It's time to start! 🏁

Please check the additional information about Global Masters:

Feel free to ask your questions in the comments to this post.

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