Data Innovations Instrument Manager Backups on a VM

We are currently implementing the Data Innovations Instrument Manager product.  In setting up our backup process we are wanting to use Veam snapshots. The application runs in a Caché 2016.1/Windows Server 2016 instance.  We are running an HA primary/secondary/arbiter config. The statement below is from DI.  I am curious to see what others that have implemented the DI Instrument Manager in the same or similar config have in place for backup.

"DI recommends is recommending that we not perform snapshots, but if you do choose to do so, here is some important information to consider.

Sometimes customers who use mirroring and VM snapshots to do their backup do run into mirror connectivity issues and failovers. This is usually due to network interruption when the VM becomes “stunned” during part of the snapshot backup process and the stun time lasts longer than the time determined by the mirror QoS timeout. 

When you run an ExternalFreeze it freezes updates to the database file on disk but does not stop system activity. Activity continues and updates will be stored in memory.

However, it is possible that system activity will be suspended if one of the following occurs:

1) The system runs out of global buffers for processes to write to. 

2) The length of the suspension is longer than the system default (currently 600 seconds/10 minutes). "

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Just for your information, there's more background on the VM Stun time problem in this post, and more information about the QoS timeout in this post.