· Feb 24, 2023

Dark version of InterSystems Developer Community

Hi everybody!

Many developers prefer a dark version of applications. Not surprisingly, @Guillaume Rongier posted an idea of making a dark version for the Developer Community

So we look forward to hearing from you.

Please send us your feedback by using this Poll on the Ideas Portal, and by voting and commenting on the relevant idea.

Thank you in advance for your votes and have a good day!


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@Guillaume Rongier 
Thank you for your idea.

We got several comments on this idea here and on the Ideas Portal.

We discussed this idea with developers to estimate the resources needed.

We got 3 votes supporting this idea, and based on poll results 56% of users answered that they'll not use the Dark version.

Based on this input we move this idea to the status "Future consideration". We'll discuss the Dark version again during Community portal development planning.