· Sep 25, 2017

convert date to timestamp

Hi world,

in my application i want compare the timestamp values to date field values ,

my database countains many records with their corresponding timestamps  values: in this form (" 2017-05-17T13:45:40").


i've also a small database as a  patient program wich has a date in this form :  2017-09-25 11:00:00

so , my question is : i want to extract a pairs of (profile_id, timestamp) with the recent  timestamps value as condition

after i  compare timestamp value to a date values in my second database

i found also that timestamp and date don't have a same form (i want to convert date de timestamps form in green).

thank you.

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Hello Soufiane, although your thank you is appreciated, an acceptance check is even more, because it alerts users with the same issue as you that a solution has been provided already.

You'll also help us if you use the same thread whenever you think about making a similar post. Don't create new threads if your subject is the same as the one you already created, or the community will start downvoting you.

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