Soufiane Amroun · Sep 25, 2017

Convert a timestamp into its corresponding date

Hi world ,

when i apply this command :

USER>write obj.biometrics.%Get(0).timestamp

i've this timestamps form  : 2017-05-17T13:45:40

but in my program i want to have a standard form " date & time" like (2017-05-17  13:45:40)

Please how can i do? is there any method in the " %Library.TimeStamp" that allow this kind of operations?

thank you for helping.

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write $TRANSLATE(obj.biometrics.%Get(0).timestamp,"T"," ")

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thank you very much Robert , it works very well :)

or more object style

write ##class(%Library.TimeStamp).XSDToLogical(obj.biometrics.%Get(0).timestamp)