· Jul 23, 2020

Confusing statements in Ensemble Documentation about Studio and Atelier

The Ensemble doc mentions Studio and Atelier to create customer business process logic, but does not mention VS code.

The official InterSystems message is that Atelier is deprecated and putting it front and center in the interoperability doc seems like a mistake.

Maybe Studio means old Studio and VS Studio, but if so some clarification would help.

Elsewhere in the doc, it says only Atelier can create custom business logic.  This ls probably a mistake.

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Hey Jonathan,

Perhaps you've already seen them, but I'd check out these posts regarding VS Code and Atelier/Studio.

VS Code is being worked on/developed but has not yet reached an official InterSystems 1.0 release; my bet is when it has reached a threshold of completeness it will find its way into the documentation. If you want to try out VS Code to get familiar with it and contribute to its development, that seems like a totally viable option.

Re: Atelier/Studio in the meantime, per Andreas' comment you can keep using either as they will be maintained indefinitely, they just won't see enhancements.

Thanks for pointing this our and glad to see you're actively working with IRIS. As Vic has  pointed out although the ObjectScript VSCode extension has been announced, we haven't yet released our first release 1.0. See the message from @Raj Singh .

In fact, the BPL editor (IDE) is only available in Studio and the Management Portal. We'll fix this.

 Although you certainly can use the existing extension, it is not an InterSystems offering. We are in the process of revising recommendations to use Atelier. Once the VSCode extension is released we will have documentation for it.

For now, if you're working with productions, I'd recommend using InterSystems Studio or the Management Portal. Atelier can also be used but doesn't have any advantage over Studio.