· Jul 7, 2020

CompileAll uses alphabetical ordering only?


We're trying to create a script that compiles everything on a certain namespace, for that we are depending on CompileAll. However it seems that this method doesn't check for a dependency tree even when using flags like: curb.

Due to its apparent alphabetical nature, classes that come first but depend upon classes that come later fail to compile because their object still doesn't exists. Example:

Suppose we have to compile a class in which its name starts with A and it has a Parameter which contains an expression that calls for B.

In this case, A would fail to compile because B is not compiled.

We only found one way to bypass this issue, that's providing each package by using CompilePackage instead. This method allows us to not only selectively provide which packages to compile, but also the ordering. However we wanted to use CompileAll due to its flexibility.

So my question is: is there a way to force the CompileAll to respect the dependency tree?

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