· Sep 12, 2019

Clean up code after compile

After upgrading I ran a $SYSTEM.OBJ.CompileAllNamespaces("u"). What I got in return was kind of a shock.

In reviewing errors I am seeing code being referenced but no longer applies. It is referring to stuff that might of been defined in the Context , Formal Spec ,Thread , etc.

ERROR #5373: Class 'osuwmc.CPD.DataStructures.TblPharmacyDEA', used by 'osuwmc.CPD.BusinessOperation:SelectProviderTempDEA:FormalSpec', does not exist

ERROR #5373: Class 'osuwmc.FeederPat3BPLTest4', used by 'osuwmc.FeederPat3BPLTest4.Thread1:compileafter', does not exist

ERROR #5373: Class 'osuwmc.DataStructures.MERDABFile.Batch', used by 'osuwmc.CodingBackloadToMidasMERbk:dependson', does not exist

ERROR #6301: SAX XML Parser Error: invalid document structure while processing Anonymous Stream at line 1 offset 1

ERROR #5496: Inverse property, 'osuwmc.CPD.Evariant.PracticeGroup.Record:%ParentBatch', is not defined, 'osuwmc.CPD.Evariant.PracticeGroup.Header:Records'

Is there a program or code that could be run to clean any orphaned code/files that may exist?

Should I concern my self with these errors or just ignore them? Or should I contact WRC?


Scott Roth

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I fear there is no such utility by default. 
You may need to do it manually to see if it is a real problem or a side effect from parallel compiling.

I just verify it by multiple runs on CompileAll to be sure.

 [ I'm  just  facing a list of ~100 including deployed classes    crying ] 

If you have private %classes mapped ito %SYS then you have to compile them manually.

compileAll doesn't include %SYS for good reasons.