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Change all passwords in a system

This code snippet changes all passwords in a system to a specified string. The two literal strings at the beginning of the snippet can be adjusted to edit the system or password string. The class method "test" runs the code:

Class eduardlebedyuk.changePasswords Extends %RegisteredObject
    ClassMethod test()
        set ns = $namespace
        zn "%SYS"
        set NewPass = "NewPassString"
        set rs=##Class(%ResultSet).%New("Security.Users:List")
        set st = rs.Execute()
        while rs.Next() { set st=$SYSTEM.Security.ChangePassword(rs.Get("Name"),NewPass)}
        zn ns

(Originally posted on Intersystems CODE by @Eduard Lebedyuk, 10/8/2014)

Here's a link to the code on GitHub

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Be aware that this code sample changes the password of every user, including the CSPSystem account used by your CSP-enabled your web servers, including the private Apache instance that hosts the browser-based admin of your server. Changing that password may prevent you using Portal until you have made the corresponding change via the Web Gateway Management page.