· Feb 14, 2017

Certifications and Practice questions

Having developed systems using Caché ObjectScript and Ensemble on various projects over the last 4 - 5 years I'm considering trying for some certifications. I've found details of the Caché Systems Administrator and Caché Application Developer certifications but have a couple of questions:

1) Is there a certification for Ensemble Application Developer?

2) Are any sample questions and/or practice exams available?


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1) At this point we do not have an Ensemble Application Developer certification.  But you can take a look at the Learn Ensemble for Developers and System Integrators learning path, which contains links to some of our online training available for Ensemble.

2) Since we do not have a certification program, we do not have practice questions, but many of the interactive courses available in the learning path do have quiz questions to test your knowlege along the way.

We are continuing to evaluate our certification program and will be sure to post here in the community if we add any additional certifications.