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I am similar to Andrew in that I use PyCharm for my big projects as it helps manage multiple venvs for me.  Which means I don't install all the different packages I am playing with site-wide to avoid issues.  I am typically wrapping my Python into Docker, so this works well, and PyCharm also helps maintain/monitor my requirements.txt file in the venv, which then ensures that when I build the docker, I can pip install -r requirements.txt and know I have everything I need.

I use Notepad++ if all I want to do is a tiny script or just want to look at something I did, as PyCharm can take a while to open, so if I am not really writing code, it isn't worth opening up.

I am not using Jupyter notebooks for my "hacky" stuff and ML, as it makes it easy to have a couple of lines of code and print results.  So, if I am just testing something, or learning some new trick, it is really easy to iterate a line or two of code, or compare outputs, etc.

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