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 TEXT: %0KmBx2 s 1=$O(^|%objcsd(%qHandle,5)|CB(1,1))

this cannot be right. the solution to the $O is always a variable starting and ending with (null-"")

your comment was:

If I make that "1" a variable (and set it to {L2}) and set an invalid condition {L2}'=1 then I do get this table to compile and work but I don't think that should be necessary.

also the $O() terminates with null so {L2}'=1 looks wrong ie {L2}'=""

the ref; <Invalidcondition name=..L2

this does say NAME ie a variable

I do not do mapping, but your definitions appear to break the rules

What a night mare.

W $zd($h,15) =09/08/2023

w $zd($h,1)=08/09/2023

How do you know the which country the end user is in

08092023 is very bland

The Only international  standard is used by the air lines

Imagine a ticket with such a date 08092023 this would be fraught with mis understandoing

w $zd($h,2,,4) = 08 Aug 2023 this is recognised the whole world over


set Date=$tr($zd(%d,1),"/","") or
set Date=$tr($zd(%d,15),"/","")

depending on your calendar

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