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The Beginning... of the Global Summit 2022!

The time that many of the Developer Community members, InterSystems Partners, and just people interested in InterSystems products, had been looking forward to has arrived! Finally, after an excruciatingly long pause, this year's Global Summit is again held in person! This time it's in Seattle! A beautiful city with steep hills, breathtaking views of Elliot Bay, and, from the words of locals, constantly bad weather cheeky

Anyway, to meet everyone in person, it is well worth surviving the moody weather.

On the first day (20.06), everyone was arriving, but no one actually did anything useful laugh People were just checking in, milling around, trying to reach old friends and acquaintances from previous Global Summits, or from talking online on Developer Community.

Basically, everyone was waiting for a Welcome Reception but me blush I decided to start preparing the booth of Developer Ecosystem early, to have more time the next day to sleep. Because you know, jet lag. The time difference between Seattle and home is 10 hours!

Thus, by the end of the day (or rather by the beginning of the evening entertainment), the fliers were on the tables, the monitor was up and running, and the prizes and gifts were all accounted for and checked. And in general, I was ready to greet people and answer their questions about the Community, Open Exchange, and Global Masters.

For those who don't follow the announcements on DC very closely, right now we have the Tech Articles Contest. Next Monday starts the new Full Stack Contest. Together with the Global Summit a new Detective game was launched on the Global Masters. Of course, all this information is available on the stand. So don't hesitate to come see me. It's Tech Exchange, 5th floor. 

Moreover, for those who come by and strike a conversation with me or one of my emotional support people AKA my fellow French Developer Community team members @Lorenzo Scalese and @Guillaume Rongier (because I am the moderator of the French DC, hello blush), I have cool gifts to give away! And don't forget that if you play the game, you can redeem your prizes directly at my booth. And the best thing - there will be held the sweepstakes for a backpack, a Kindle, and AirPods on the last day - see more info in the Detective Game announcement! 

As I said before, on Monday people were just gathering, figuring out the layout of the Global Summit, and waiting for the Welcome Reception. And it was a huge success!

Our lady DJ was rocking!

Basically, that was it for the preparatory day!


And the next day the fun really began!

After breakfast, the keynotes have started. You can find the topics and the presenters in the announcement. To cut a long story short, the keynotes for this day were dedicated to HealthShare. And all the speakers were in one way or another connected to this line of thinking and this product.

Don Woodlock, Head of Healthcare Solutions at InterSystems, was leading all the speeches and panels.

Terry Ragon, CEO of InterSystems, had his opening word. 

After lunch, the booths started working and people started asking questions. What's where and what's what. It was very nice to actually speak in reality, not just online.

So people just changed places, asked questions, and enjoyed the company of each other.

Employees, customers, and partners strolling around and discussing stuff.

And the culmination of it all happened in the Museum of PopArt where there was dinner, live music and the exhibits laugh

This is basically a short recap of what happened during the first part of the Global Summit. Stay tuned to read about the second part of Global Summit!

Don't hesitate to share your stories about the first two days in the comments! What you liked? What you didn't like? What was your favorite panel? Tell us how it went! 

If you wish to listen to panels, you should be able to do it soon. I do believe at least some of them will be shared with everyone.

Au revoir!

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