Automating External Freeze on server with restricted access

Good Morning and thanks in advance for all replies.  I have created a PowerShell script for backing up CACHE and all related files to be run on a nightly basis.  My script works as long as the Unknownuser has %all access which is not acceptable in our production environment.  I have tried every format I can thank of to get the script to use a specific id with no luck.  How can I get this command to run under a specific id? 

..\bin\cache -s. -U%SYS "##Class(Backup.General).ExternalFreeze() <d:\backup\login.scr" 


The file just has


`r. For a carriage return and a new line, use `r`n.


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we have to have our backups encrypted and doing an online backup thru the task manager stores the backups unencrypted on disk.

Have you tried it in cmd.exe instead of PowerShell, or the same troubles there ?
Please show screenshots from page Securty, Services

Sorry I was pull off to other task.  I do get the same results running it in a command window.  I have given the unknown user %all permissions and the job works but we cannot leave it that way.  I need it to run under a special id just for this.