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It is. I have used it some time ago.
You need a  suitable plug in and connect to port 23 of your server 
(provided it is not blocked by Win* firewall.

plugin from the following update repository:

  1. From your Eclipse/Atelier workspace, navigate to command linkHelp > Install New Software from the main menu.
  2. Enter the URL for the Terminal plugin update site in the Work with field. Ensure that the Group items by category check box is selected.
  3. Once the groups are displayed, select the check box by the newest version.
  4. Click Next to open the Install Details page. Review your installation choices.
  5. Click Next to open the Review Licenses page. Accept the license terms and click Finish.
  6. To open the Terminal view, select Window > Show View > Other on the main menu and type "terminal" in the filter box. Select Terminal and OK.

and keep quiet  when it installs. 
this is not Caché and it takes it's time  crying

(I just spent 25 min for an Update/Upgrade)  

Right: if you don't establish TELNET connection it's just bash or MS-DOS depending on your local OS.
Also for local localhost access !
so from Help:

Using the Terminal Plug-in
Telnet Connection
If your Caché instance is on a remote Windows server, you will need to connect using Telnet.
  1. Enable %Service_Telnet from the Management Portal (http:///csp/sys/sec/%25CSP.UI.Portal.Services.zen)
  2. In the main menu, select Show View > Other > Terminal > Terminal, or click this link to open the Opens the new Class file wizardTerminal View.
  3. Select the Open a Terminal button on the Terminal view toolbar.
  4. Select Telnet Terminal from the Choose terminal drop down menu.
  5. Complete the Telnet session configuration and click "OK"
  6. If csession isn't in your PATH, navigate to your instance's bin directory. For example, cd C:\InterSystems\Cache\bin.
  7. Launch a Caché terminal session. For example, csession Cache.

Setup Connection

And you get your Caché Terminal



Got "Connection refused". Shouldn't I specify 1972 port? Tried both 'telnet' and 1972 ports, still 'connection refused'.

is  Enable %Service_Telnet set ?
in  the Management Portal (http:///csp/sys/sec/%25CSP.UI.Portal.Services.zen)

My Caché runs on Win .(I'm not sure if this works also for Caché on Unix )

It does NOT work for Unix:

%Service_TelnetYesYesUnauthenticatedUnrestrictedControls Telnet sessions on a Windows server


So on UNIX you go to bash and have to start via csession....

Thank you, turns out Telnet was disabled.

I can have only one telnet terminal per windows server or is there an option to specify port?

For testing with Terminal I typically use PuTTY.

There I can have multiple terminals with separated  Sessions/$JOB in parallel without problem.
(pls. don't ask how )
Terminal driver changes to a free set of ports ( 51133|10088) as you see by $IO
so it's no problem to have multiple terminal sessions connected 

USER>w $io

I have no idea if Atelier allows multiple Terminals . And if how to launch them.
In Atelier just click again to the Terminal Open Icon:

Each Cache instance on your PC can run its Telnet service on a different port. Set it here:

Robert is correct that you need to install the terminal plugin. I would recommend using the most recent version which is available from the Eclipse release update site associated with the version of Eclipse you have installed.

If you are using Oxygen, then go to

You can find product documentation on the topic from Atelier as well. Go to Help > Help Contents > InterSystems Atelier User Guide > Tasks > Installing the Eclipse Terminal Plug-in.