Atelier Installation Problems

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Ok, I am trying to do my homework here but seem to be sinking.

I installed Atelier from the link    atelier-1.0.0AT.262.0-win_x64.exe  from at Atelier home page


Then I install Java from

I found the Atelier App but it gives this whole page of stuff and at the top it says I have an exit status code of 13.

I have looked through a number of post on Atelier and now am lost.

Any direction please?

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Judging by this subsequent post by [@Mike Kadow] he resolved this issue. I'm posting this answer so his question no longer reports as having no answer.

This link posted in a comment by [@Joyce Zhang] is a good resource for Mike's problem.

Mike, please set the checkmark against this answer, or any other that may appear, so as to mark the question "answered" in DC.


did you make sure you installed a 64bit sdk?