Atelier Installation Problems

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Ok, I am trying to do my homework here but seem to be sinking.

I installed Atelier from the link    atelier-1.0.0AT.262.0-win_x64.exe  from at Atelier home page


Then I install Java from

I found the Atelier App but it gives this whole page of stuff and at the top it says I have an exit status code of 13.

I have looked through a number of post on Atelier and now am lost.

Any direction please?


did you make sure you installed a 64bit sdk? 

Judging by this subsequent post by [@Mike Kadow] he resolved this issue. I'm posting this answer so his question no longer reports as having no answer.

This link posted in a comment by [@Joyce Zhang] is a good resource for Mike's problem.

Mike, please set the checkmark against this answer, or any other that may appear, so as to mark the question "answered" in DC.