· Jun 15, 2018

Atelier 1.2 Stable Release

The Atelier 1.2 stable release update site ( has been updated to 1.2.119. This build contains all of the new features and enhancements the 1.2.118 beta build has as well as a number of bug fixes. Additionally, we have documented a list of the top time-saving keyboard shortcuts to help you become more productive. Give Atelier 1.2 a try and let us know what you think! Some of the key highlights include:

  • Go to Line allows navigation to a specific tag+line (e.g.: MyProperty+12)
  • New Tabbed Editor for BPL/DTL diagrams
  • Support for InterSystems IRIS Data Platform™
  • A list of useful keyboard shortcuts (link)
  • Validate server configuration credentials
  • Code completion for Relationship class members
  • Uncluttered Atelier perspective

See the release notes for the full list of improvements. Last but not least, InterSystems has attended its first EclipseCon this week as a proud Eclipse Foundation member. Stay tuned - Michelle Stolwyk, the Atelier Team Lead, will be sharing her key take aways with us next week. 

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FAQ: Eclipse could not render the Atelier perspective after upgrading to Atelier 1.2 (link)

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You can always follow the instructions on the Atelier download page, If you've already got Java 8+ and Eclipse installed, you can skip over to step 2. We're still working on getting the Eclipse Marketplace updated with the 1.2 release**, but you can follow the instructions under "Add one of the Atelier repositories to your Eclipse environment". This gives details about where to enter the repository URL that Michelle noted above.

**Update: The Eclipse Marketplace has been updated with the stable Atelier 1.2 release so you can follow either install/upgrade option listed on the download page.