Suman Samanta · Aug 24, 2018

Angular4 , webserver , deployment

Hello Everyone,

We are planning to build angular UI and Cache REST as backend. Can we deploy angular in Cache Private web server.

What would be the best way to do it. Did any one configure apache  with  csp gateway . if so can anyone guide me to a good document or some  steps here which might help. 

I  have looked into this -

Somehow i am not able to join the dots .

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Cache private web server is configured and available by default.

If System Management Portal opens then private server works.

Here's a good tutorial on developing Angular applications on Caché.

Thank you Eduard for the details, these are mostly Angular 1/Angular Js code which works in standard cache studio. I am looking for angular 2 or more , which does not work in standard cache studio.

We are developing code in visual studio code then creating build using ng build.

Develop client part (angular, etc) in your favorite editor, build it there and set build directory as a CSP Files Physical Path for CSP application.

Additionally set Serve Files to Always and Serve Files Timeout to 0.

Would this work if you don't have a .csp file? The AngularJS tutorial creates a Welcome.csp file that can be handled by the out-of-box server. 


Whilst your application would work with the Caché private web server, please be aware that it is not recommended for production, only for development and testing as well as serving the internal portal. It does not have all the features as a full apache web server; for instance, it does not support https.