Olga Zavrazhnova · Jan 1, 2020

Advent Of Code 2019. And The Winners are...

Hey Developers!

Advent of Code 2019 is over! Thanks for participating in our COS marathon!

And now we're pleased to introduce the winners and distribute all the prizes! 

Big applause goes to these winners: 

     Kevin An (w/ repo)

     Fabian Haupt (w/ repo )

     Peter Steiwer (w/ repo )

And here's the final Leaderboard:


🎁And what about the prizes?

@Kevin An gets 10 000 points on Global Masters and BIG CONGRATS! 

@Fabian Haupt gets 5 000 points on Global Masters, InterSystems Certificate Voucher and FREE registration & hotel accommodation for the next InterSystems Global Summit 2020 in Seattle! Thanks for your contribution!

@Peter Steiwer gets 3 000 points on Global Masters! Great job!

Because of the fact that the winners @Kevin An and @Peter Steiwer are InterSystems employees: "FREE registration & hotel accommodation for the next InterSystems Global Summit 2020" prize goes to @Fabian Haupt; two more Certification Vouchers go to @Yuval Golan (w/ repo) and @Bert Sarens (w/repo). 

Congratulations to all the participants! 

And thank you for your attention to the contest and the efforts you pay in this exciting coding marathon! yes

To all — join this exciting contest next year!

Happy Holidays!

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Congratulations everyone! Can't wait for next year!

Thanks, it was a lot of fun! Good coding everybody and a happy new year to you all!