· Aug 16, 2017

Activating and checking the SOAP Log

I'd like to access and view the soap log. Apparently there is a global for that (^ISCSOAP) (, but insofar I have been unsuccessful finding the exact cache command for viewing the soap log or changing it so that it logs both incoming and outgoing traffic. Can anyone enlighten me?

I.e. I am trying stuff like:

set ^ISCSOAP("Log") = io   

write ^ISCSOAP("Log)

but those don't work.

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Hi Tom,
please look at the documentation link you've found in more detail.

You need to specify logfile as well. Log will not be written in global, it will be written in file, for example:

>Set ^ISCSOAP("Log")="io"

>Set ^ISCSOAP("LogFile") ="c:\temp\iscsoap.txt"

The SOAP-Log needs to be set per namespace, so it will be only active for that namespace.
Please also don't forget to disable SOAP-Log when you're done with you testings/debuggings. ( >K ^ISCSOAP )