· Jun 2, 2018

Poll - Ensemble Users - Journal Settings - Freeze On Error - Y or N

In System Administration | Configuration |  System Configuration | Journal Settings there is a check box for Freeze on error.

From reading the documentation, it sounds like the choice to freeze on error is one of system availability vs system integrity.

Curious to know whether Ensemble users choose to freeze on error or not.

If you have a best practice recommendation based upon your experience or knowledge, that would be helpful information too.

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The setting is overridden on a primary mirror member such that all global updates are frozen on a journal write error anyway, so the setting really doesn't matter unless you're operating  in a non-mirrored configuration. I've yet to run across a healthcare implementation of Ensemble that wasn't mirrored, but I suppose they exist somewhere. For those cases, I would enable Freeze on Error. Better late delivery than data loss.

Right, mirroring already takes care of the 'system availability', so this setting is forced to be turned on to also protect 'system integrity' (not to mention so mirroring can more easily detect failures).

I would say though that whether you need this turned on in a non-mirrored setup entirely depends on your application. You may have a major preference towards system availability over system integrity, though I'd say most setups that care enough about the data to journal it would likely want to have this Freeze on error turned on.