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The ObjectScript code looks convincing but is wrong..

We don't have a method Parse() in the EnsLib.HL7.Message class, instead we use ImportFromString(). The DocType should be 2.4:ORU_R01 or similar with message category and doctype combined, and set with PokeDocType() method. 

Further, we don't have a FHIR.Resource.Observation package and cannot get value from the HL7 message directly using "src.MSH.GetSendingApplication()". There are more issues like this..

ChatGPT still has a long way to go and a lot to learn..

Hi Sansa,

This is something you might want to contact InterSystems Worldwide Response Center with. To contact them regarding this issue, you could either log into the WRC app and create a new issue, or email with a brief description of your question, or call at +1 617-621-0700. A support advisor will be available to investigate how the business service is customized and why doesn't it receive an acknowledgement.

Thank you.

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