Gigi was advised to work with a Sales Engineer on a custom Business Process.

Hi Sansa,

This is something you might want to contact InterSystems Worldwide Response Center with. To contact them regarding this issue, you could either log into the WRC app and create a new issue, or email with a brief description of your question, or call at +1 617-621-0700. A support advisor will be available to investigate how the business service is customized and why doesn't it receive an acknowledgement.

Thank you.

Are there any use cases where message bodies are required to be kept while message headers can be purged?

This could also be very useful when you would like to configure your Ensemble production to start automatically on UNIX OS boot. It can be done in two steps: 1. Put "ccontrol start <INSTANCE NAME>" in a script that would run at OS start up; 2. Configure the production to start automatically upon Ensemble instance start up through the Management Portal -> Ensemble -> Manage -> Auto-Start Production.