· Jul 14, 2016

More than 1 Listing for a KPI

I  have a DeepSee KPI defined based on %DeepSee.KPI following the documentation  I've then enabled the KPI on a dashboard by adding a Widget where the data source is the KPI.  Currently the ability to show a Detail Listing is implemented by the call back  %OnGetListingSQL.  This method documents the parameter

pListingName is the name of the listing to display. This is reserved for future use.


According to this and from what I can tell there is no way to provide support for a secondary listing. 


  1. Is this true?  I'm looking at Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2016.3 (Build 619U)
  2. Can this be changed so that in the future multiple Listings can be defined?  I'm thinking it might make sense to support something like

/// This XData definition defines the KPI.
XData KPI [ XMLNamespace = "]
<kpi xmlns=" name="ED Patient Utilization" sourceType="sql" >

<filter />
<listing name="Default".../>

<listing name="Detail".../> 


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Currently, there is a workaround to accomplish this desired behavior without needing this parameter to be implemented. You can add a "listing" filter to your KPI (implemented on a widget) and then inside of %OnGetListingSQL, you can assign different SQL based on the filter value.


<filter name="Listing" valueList="listing1,listing2"/>


if $get(pFilters("Listing"))="listing1" {
set tSQL="SELECT <column list 1> from <table>"
else {
set tSQL="SELECT <column list 2> from <table>"