Stephen Canzano · Jul 19, 2021

System Explorer->SQL->Show Plan

When I'm asked questions about SQL, I like Intersystems staff at the WRC, generally ask about the Query Plan.  My feeling is that even before you run a query you should examine the results of Show Plan to confirm that the code is going to give me the results in the manner I would expect.  If I expect it to leverage an index and I see that it is not then I go back and look at what I might have done incorrectly and try to re-write the query to get the index behavior I'm looking for.  To that end, there's a poll below to ask you if think moving the Show Plan button as the first button would be useful and wouldn't cause that much grief while at the same time emphasizing that examing the Query Plan is important.

Should the Show Plan button move

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Keep it where it is
Move it to the first position
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