· Jul 1, 2019

Alerts for end users?


Alert emails are pretty terse - they are fine for me but I'd like something a bit more friendly when sending alerts to end users. 

Instead of this

QueueWaitAlert: Message Header Id '522408569' queued for config item 'alerttoXXXsystemmanager' with priority 'Async' has been queued for more than 600 seconds

I'd like to send something like this:

Hi Bill, 

Messages to system XXX are taking over 10 minutes to send. 

The receiving system/service may need to be reset.

if you have an questions pleaes call me on 555-12345678

Kind regards, 


Integration Team 

i was just going to make a subclass of  EnsLib.EMail.AlertOperation with new email text, but was wondering what others do for alerts to end users?

Kind regards, 


PS it is also possible this functionality already exists in the inbuilt classes but I've not found it.

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Hi Stephen

I developed an Alert management system Ensemble based that you might find of interest.

It connects to the end user systems via Email ( it was intended to serve hospitals & they don't like web services as its  not protected enough, yet you can use any connection ) , the system reads the alerts process them & send them further for processing, I'll try to send you some screen shots.


ps my email is if you are interested

pps I tried to upload the screen shots with no success if you'll send me your email I'll be able to send you the files