This InterSystems IRIS connector will look at the Tables and BI Cubes that are defined on the system. I believe you can use the ODBC connector if you want to write your own SQL. Another option could be to define a view inside of IRIS and use the view with this connector

Hi Evgeny,

I have previously played around with this concept of a custom action manager that would allow mapping classes/methods in an easier way without needing to manually create new action classes and modify your cube. This is still in an Alpha version, but if you want to give it a test and offer any suggestions before it goes into Beta or OpenExchange, I would be glad to hear any thoughts

You need to make sure "found" is being updated when the recursive call exits. This can either be done by reference (passing in .found) or simply as a return value (set found instead of do). It is always going through the full loop and never exiting early because once the value is found, it is never passed back up as being found. This means that the loop just continues on. Here are two examples of these solutions

if $isObject(value) {
             do ..JSONIterator(value,newPath,.SearchKey,.SearchVal,.found)

if $isObject(value) {
             set found= ..JSONIterator(value,newPath,.SearchKey,.SearchVal,found)

You might also need to add:
Set mgr.IQN=SchemaName_"."_$Translate(TableName,".",$c(2))

Great for dealing with errors as they happen - before they get out of hand!

It looks like you are able to fix this error. Just in case anyone else comes across this error in the future, it means that the data has not yet been built for the element that is being referred to. In this example, that element is [Measures].[AvgTime]. By running the task, the following line was executed:

set tCubeRebuild = ##class(%DeepSee.Utils).%BuildCube("Operational Analytics")

This performed a full build of the cube, so the Measure that was referenced in the error and all other elements in the cube were built

Hi Reid,

There is no current way to change the Axis Scale in a standard DeepSee chart. However, if you are using a third party charting library you are able to implement this. I added this capability to my Third Party Chart Library project.

For example you can turn your chart from:


By just modifying one setting in the UI.

I believe it is 3 days. I think this is to confirm posts are real and not spam. Also to allow them to get some votes and confirm it has a positive rating.

If you are using %INSTALLER, you can use GRANT to assign a role:


I have tested and confirmed that this does add the Application Role.

To add a little more to this, I would say it is basically the same as using SET vs WRITE:

SAMPLES>set person=##class(Sample.Person).%OpenId(1)
SAMPLES>w person.CurrentAge($h-1000)
SAMPLES>set person.CurrentAge($h-1000)=1
SET person.CurrentAge($H-1000)=1
<PROPERTY DOES NOT EXIST> *CurrentAge,Sample.Person