· Jun 14, 2021

Announcing Adaptive Analytics Sample Application!

The release of InterSystems IRIS 2021.1 introduces Adaptive Analytics. To get started with a familiar InterSystems IRIS BI sample cube, we have created a HoleFoods Sample Application for Adaptive Analytics. This Sample Application is available on Open Exchange. There is also a learning services course available to learn more about Adaptive Analytics.

To begin, head over to Open Exchange and click the download button. This will bring you to the releases page which will have the latest version of the Sample Application. Download the ZIP file to begin.

Prep IRIS before loading the sample

  1. Make sure you have the MySample schema defined in the IRIS namespace you want to import the sample into
  2. If the schema is not defined, run the following SQL in the SMP
    • CREATE TABLE MySample.Dummy (P1 INT NOT NULL)
  3. If you want to also set up some global mappings, insert at least 1 row so you can find out the global hash that needs to be mapped
    • INSERT INTO MySample.Dummy (P1) VALUES (1)

In AtScale, log in and go to the PROJECTS tab


  1. Click on the hamburger menu icon and select "Use a sample"
  2. Select your DWH, the MySample schema, and the zip file
  3. Default permissions can be used

You should expect new tables in IRIS and a new Project in AtScale!

Once the sample application is installed, you can begin to explore the data using third party tools like Excel, Tableau, or Power BI. When viewing a published cube, you can see details on how to connect to different third party tools.

Instead of exploring the data first, you may prefer to explore the model and compare to the existing HoleFoods InterSystems IRIS BI cube.

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