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Follow up #1 SAPJCo3: How to generate BAPI/RFC messages structures

This is the first follow up after the post about headstarting SAPJCo3 with Ensemble and HealthShare (

Using the wizard which is available with Version 2016.1 and up (currently only through direct call in the webbrowser http://<server>:<port>/csp/<namespace>/EnsPortal.Dialog.SAPJCO.BaseConfiguration.cls ).

Make sure you have a running production with a configured SAPJCoOperation. After entering the SAP Operation field and clicking on Change connect information you should see the „Connect to SAP was succesful“. Indeed this already calls a „PING“ remote function call (RFC).

Then you might open Select BAPI/RFC and enter a portion or the whole name of a RFC or BAPI. Clicking on search will fill the dropdown list and you can choose the RFC or BAPI you want to work with. Select the appropriate RFC or BAPI. 



In the next step you can choose a package path and classname. Clicking the "Generate messages classes" button starts the process. This generates all necessary message classes including the potentially deep structures. 

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The former actions are resulting in the following list of classes: