There is good information on SDA in the Documentation. Since the documentation has been reorganized within the past year, it would help to know which version of the product you are using.

You can also access the documentation online at:  Use either the Health Connect or HealthShare documentation links.  See: SDA: InterSystems Clinical Data Format.

There are also tools to inspect SDA.  They can be found on the Edge Gateway menu:  Schema Documentation > SDA/CDA Annotations.

Stephen ---

You do not mention which version of Health Connect you are using. That is important, because our FHIR support is evolving. Features available in current versions may not be there in previous ones..

Could you provide more information on what you want to do with the PDF?

Bruno ---

Please see the HealthShare Patient Index Configuration Guide for information on Rules and parameters.  Section 4.5 describes parameters and their weights. Section six describes rules including their invocation and creation.

InterSystems has a class on Patient Index usage and configuration.

Regards --- Kate Schell

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