SDA - defined?

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I am working on documentation on HealthShare and Standards, and in trying to define "SDA" I have found

multiple references.  One is "Summary Document Architecture" and the other is "Structured Document Architecture" .

I am looking for the definitive reference from InterSystems and have not yet been able to find it.


Any information would be greatly appreciated!




I have an internal PowerPoint from someone who should know that says Summary Document Architecture. And the HealthShare docs says Summary Document Architecture.

Thanks for the information!

I found the following in the HealthShare "Help" online documentation: 

"In Information Exchange, the patient’s medical record is transmitted in a format called SDA (Summary Document Architecture), which is an InterSystems format based on CDA (Clinical Document Architecture)."

However, it doesn't tell me much about SDA ( now SDA3 ) nor a very detailed definition or history of the format and purpose.

I was hoping to find more details.

There is good information on SDA in the Documentation. Since the documentation has been reorganized within the past year, it would help to know which version of the product you are using.

You can also access the documentation online at:  Use either the Health Connect or HealthShare documentation links.  See: SDA: InterSystems Clinical Data Format.

There are also tools to inspect SDA.  They can be found on the Edge Gateway menu:  Schema Documentation > SDA/CDA Annotations.