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Is there a way to add your validation for HS.Local.SDA3.Observation. In OnValidate method. If yes once we load the patient in Clinical Viewer, Will that custom logic will apply on SDA.

I am using same logic for Observations, OBS. 

Expression val = ##class(CUSTOM.Transformation.Observation).GetObsItems(val)

In my transformation classMethod. I am able to get the PatientID : $get(%request.Data("PatientID",1)) 

But not able to get the RowId. to find the streamlet id. 

Please let me know how to get the RowID for OBS.

Thank you 

I have a similiar kind of issue. I have a web application on vue.js. Hosted the application on Edit Web Application option. Now I want to have a simple HealthShare Login page to display when the user logs in. Tried almost all the options but nothing works and it lands me to the application directly.

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