Is there a way to add your validation for HS.Local.SDA3.Observation. In OnValidate method. If yes once we load the patient in Clinical Viewer, Will that custom logic will apply on SDA.

I am using same logic for Observations, OBS. 

Expression val = ##class(CUSTOM.Transformation.Observation).GetObsItems(val)

In my transformation classMethod. I am able to get the PatientID : $get(%request.Data("PatientID",1)) 

But not able to get the RowId. to find the streamlet id. 

Please let me know how to get the RowID for OBS.

Thank you 

I am looking for a similar type of implementations. Any possible helps would be appreciated. 


I have a similiar kind of issue. I have a web application on vue.js. Hosted the application on Edit Web Application option. Now I want to have a simple HealthShare Login page to display when the user logs in. Tried almost all the options but nothing works and it lands me to the application directly.

I have an application  built on vuejs , and hosted on IRIS. Its working as expected, I wanted to add a simple HealthShare login page on top of this application. Is there an option to do so. Please suggest

@Hoi Lai , I am trying to achieve something similiar to you i guess, I have a application in Vuejs, hosted on IRIS, using a web application, I am looking to create a login page on over it, which uses a basic HealthShare login credentials to log in the user. 

Can you please let me know, Is there something needs to be done on the frontend side as well. or is there an option to somehow use the basic healtshare login page which comes on opening the Management portal. 

Hi , Thanks for this Web Terminal. 

I have embedded it into my js application, after some time or some time when page gets refresh, I use to get this error, and sometimes it didnt get fix for long time, and i have to restart Iris cube to get it started again.

Is there any permanent solution to this.

@Sergei.Shutov, Thanks for this update. Can you please let me know where can i find this configuration.