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The In() function in Ens.Util.FunctionSet is documented as searching for a value in a comma-delimited string.

There is undocumented additional functionality for custom separators.

If the items parameter has ",," (two commas) right before the last or second to last character in the string, then the following strings are used as separators.

If there is one character, then that is used as a separator:

w ##class(Ens.Util.FunctionSet).In("a","|a|f|d|c|a,b|a,b,c|,,|")

If there are two characters, then those are used as a prefix and suffix for values:

w ##class(Ens.Util.FunctionSet).In("a","<a><b><c><a,b,c>,,<>")

Please note that although there is an intention to document this in a future release at some stage, as it is not documented at the moment, it should be used with extreme caution - it may be removed from future versions without warning.

The IRIS 2022.3 documentation has this:

  • Execute Query in the foreground: a check box specifying whether or not to run the query in the foreground. Simple queries run in the foreground are often significantly faster than those run in the background. However, long queries run in the foreground may cause the Management Portal to be unresponsive during query execution. The default is to run all queries in the background.
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