· Mar 27, 2023 1m read

The Fastest and the Simplest Way to Install a Local FHIR Server

Hi folks!

Recently I was in need to setup a local FHIR server using IRIS For Health and I think I found the easiest and simplest way ever.

Just run in terminal these two lines below :

docker run --rm --name my-iris -d --publish 9091:1972 --publish 9092:52773 intersystemsdc/irishealth-community


docker exec -it my-iris iris session iris -U "USER" '##class(%ZPM.PackageManager).Shell("install fhir-server")'

And you'll have FHIR server running locally at http://localhost:9092/fhir/r4.

That's it!

The FHIR server will use the latest build of InterSystems IRIS for Health Community Edition and will deploy FHIR server from this app via IPM package in  FHIRSERVER namespace.

This is for Mac, so please add in comments how it works in Windows.

This is a very short article as it is really easy to setup a local FHIR server with InterSystems IRIS for Health and IPM Package Manager.

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Did you try it in Windows? 

I've tried all the combinations I can imagine... it only works if I take out the blank space. I've created a method JTS.test:write() that just accepts an string an write it to the console... see the results... it works without space in the firts 2 executions escaping as @Iain MacDonald 
 suggested with triple quotes """ and also with \" ... but it fails when we introduce a blank space in the string:

I'm pretry sure it'll be something stupid... but I don't know what.