· Mar 9, 2016

Using another email address (account) for Community from WRC

Most of my comments/contributions are personal, not reflecting the point-of-view of my current client. My WRC account is normally 'connected' with my clients email domain (e.g.

I would like to set a personal account for DC so I can receive the digests in my own email box.

More sophisticated, I would like to use more then one email per account where I can specify on which address I want to receive DC digests

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That is a great question!  Today, you can separate your personal from professional subscriptions by logging out and then clicking the "Become a Member" link in the upper right-hand corner to create a new personal account (perhaps linked to your Gravatar to be used in the future ;) ).  This way you can control your content apart from whomever your current employer is.

Longer term, I would like to see the ability of making an account a collection of different personas (hats if you want) which would represent different roles within different organizations.  Internally we're looking at a project this year which may be able to move us in that direction (for all of our InterSystems-login controlled applications - DC included).  But I can't make any promises at this time in terms of timing or functionality.  But we definitely see the value in the points that you raised!


Ben Spead

Manager, AppServices, InterSystems