John Murray · Jul 22, 2016

Serenji 2.6 is now available

We at George James Software are pleased to announce the release of version 2.6 of Serenji, our editor and debugger for Caché, Ensemble and HealthShare.

The main enhancement in 2.6 is the ability to run on a Linux <edit> or OS X </edit> workstation using Wine 1.8. More release details are here.

This is a free upgrade to users already holding an activation key. For new users a free 30 day evaluation period is granted upon installation.

John Murray
Senior Product Engineer
George James Software

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As an addendum I'd like to point out that since Wine is available for OS X you can now also run Serenji on OS X. See for how to get Wine going on this platform.

I have edited the original post to reflect this.


Thanks, it would be really useful to have a new community for 3rd party addons, compatible 3rd party apps (ie marketplace/partners)  so as an Ensemble user can find a list of all 3rd party tools in one place. And then have news of updates in those areas.

Since the release of Serenji 2.6 back in July 2016 there have so far been two maintenance releases. Full history is here.

The 2.6.2 release earlier this week includes the classes that permit low-level Ensemble debugging on the most recent Ensemble release, 2017.1.