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This is what the messages.log shows.

*** Recovery started at Sun Mar 10 19:29:16 2024
     Current default directory: e:\intersystems\iris\mgr
     Log file directory: .\
     WIJ file spec: e:\intersystems\iris\mgr\IRIS.WIJ
Recovering local (e:\intersystems\iris\mgr\IRIS.WIJ) image journal file...
Starting WIJ recovery for 'e:\intersystems\iris\mgr\IRIS.WIJ'.
WIJ file not found.
Exiting with status 3 (Success)
03/10/24-19:29:16:564 (5648) 0 Automatically configuring buffers
03/10/24-19:29:16:579 (5648) 0 Allocated 1224MB shared memory: 1024MB global buffers, 35MB routine buffers
03/10/24-19:29:16:579 (5648) 0 Intel Sandy Bridge AES-NI instructions detected.
03/10/24-19:29:16:657 (5648) 0 Creating a new WIJ file
03/10/24-19:29:16:772 (5648) 0 New WIJ file created
03/10/24-19:29:16:830 (5648) 0 
Startup of InterSystems IRIS [IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2018.1.2 (Build 609U) Thu Aug 23 2018 10:30:25 EDT]
    in e:\intersystems\iris\bin\
    with mgr: e:\intersystems\iris\mgr
    with wij: e:\intersystems\iris\mgr\IRIS.WIJ
    from: e:\intersystems\iris\mgr\
  OS=[NT], version=[6.2.9200], 2 processors.
  Processor type=[8664], level=[6], revision=[20225], active processor mask=[3].
  System Initialized.
03/10/24-19:29:16:908 (6032) 0 Write daemon started.

Any idea?

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