Edrian Golob · Dec 23, 2020

Global ^Errors growing fast

Hello guys.

Can anyone help me about Global ^Errors? Only in 1 specific namespace is it growing fastly. It grows from 2 to 3 Gb per hour when all services are active. Which commands exactly do this? In another similar namespaces, there is not that Global in the class list.



Product version: IRIS 2019.3
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It is written by the standard ERROR logger ^ used allover system routines.
You can see it in SMP/ application errors. And it might be wise to examine it if it is growing so fast.

Robert, thanks for the answer, it guided me to find the causer.

I identified in the application log that it is giving an Illegal web request error, from a SOAP class that exists in the namespace.
Probably someone is insistently calling this class externally in the wrong way, and IRIS is storing errors on every call. Is there a way for me to parameterize the namespace so that it doesn't store this error?


Instead of fiddling into system internals, you may just map ^ERROR or better just the annoying part
to a different DB to see the impact. Then you clean up this one on a regular basis this DB,
Just Kill this branch. 
Or map it to IRISTEMP. It is cleaned at every restart.

Besides mapping ^ERRORto a non-journaled database, you may want to tune the ErrorPurge configuration parameter that resides under  System > Configuration > Startup Settings in SMP. As its default (30 days) is usually too big, it can be easily reduced to 7 days.