despite it is documented, please try to enter the IIS default document name without the preceded /

it should be : csp/samples/menu.csp

HTH, please let us know.


This is solution using class/package mappings.

Another alternative would be only using global mappings.

So if ABC is your centralized application/code namespace/db, you can create XYZ namespace/db which by default is pointing to your central application ABC db (routines and globals) BUT with global mappings added to (own) separated XYZ namespace/db. To ensure your data is separated.

You only need a login dispatcher (csp-app) in front which in the login process will route/redirect the csp-process to be run in approperiate destination namespace via url, e.g. /app/login.cls -> /app/xyz/...

No need to remap js-files, etc. on webserver config, etc. with that since /app/xyz csp-app is physically pointing to your central location.

You can add as many "clients" like XYZ through this, all working with the same base/central application-code but with separated (or common data) depending on your global-mapping definitions.

Hi Fabio,

it seems this is not working with the 1.3.2 jQM plugin. It works with the 1.4.3 jQM plugin, so please switch over.

I also would suggest you to do

var view zen('mainView');


in onloadHandler() instead of onPageShow()