ah, i see that you have contacted support in the meantime and a WRC problem is already logged for this.
If the issue is solved, please update the solution here as well.

i would start with a SOAP-LOG ("ios") to see what is sent out and what SoapAction is used from within Caché soap client.
see SOAP Logging docs here.

Use/install 3rd party tool "soapUI" (there is a free version), import WSDL and try to sent request from here. See if you can make it working and chekc http-log in soapUI to see what soapUI is exactly sending out to the service.

Some WebServices requires SOAPAction http-header to be quoted. To achieve this you need to use SOAPACTIONQUOTED param in your WebClient class, e.g.



i just tried and installed from kit-file "CSPGateway-2018.1.1.643.0-win_x64.exe" and the CSPa24.dll included is 64-bit as expected.

yes, internal private apache webserver (PWS), the embedded one coming with the IRIS installation is still 32-bit on windows x64.

"CSPGateway-2018.1.1.643.0-win_x64"  kit should contain 64-bit CSPGateway binarys/dlls.

You can check bitness/architecture of your apache with the command: >httpd -V

Bitness of apache and CSPGateway binarys *must* match!

There is an alternative to dumpbin in order to check bitness of CSPGateway binarys/dlls which IMHO is easier:

Open executable or dll in editor (notepad, notepad++), check the first printable characters *after* the first occurrence of "PE".

This part is most likely to be surrounded by at least some whitespace (could be a lot of it), so it can be easily done visually.




PE  d†


Hi Jiri,
we have done some recent changes to make this working without the need of configuring a redirection.
Please drop me a note if you are interested or contact WRC and i will investigate more details on this for you.
Kind regards,

To let *all* (and custom) CGI-Variables coming through, you probably need to set the extra environment variables in the CSP Gateway configuration.

You can set/specify via the "Extra CGI Environment Variables" Setting in the "Application Access" section in CSP Gateway Management.

If you enter a * here, *all* CGI-Variables will be sent/tranmitted and provided to Caché-Server-Side in the %request.CgiEnvs multidimensional property.



Hi David,
you have to use IRIS() (all uppercase).

There is a typo in the documentation we will correct soon.


just to clarify:

Caché cube unfortunately does not support opening web-ressources by https directly so far. (currently only http fix)

Special version of ServerManager.exe does not help to solve this issue. It's for the "old" way of doing ssl/tls client configurations, which is not recommended for recent versions of Caché anymore.

See here Katherine's great article on the new way of configuring client application for ssl/tls :


A workaround to solve this issue with the Cube is to setup http to https redirection on the webserver level as already mentioned here by Eduard as well.