Hey Developers!

Please check some interesting ideas for the AI Contest from our GM Advocates:

@YURI MARX GOMESExecute Markov chains to predict commercial intelligence scenarios,

@Rasha Sadiq: Automated Episode Critical Stage Status by taking various factors into account (by Readmission, Diagnosis, Age, etc).

You can also suggest your own ideas and get 5,000 points on Global Masters.

Whose idea will be next? 🔥

Can you expose your service as a REST?

Client-side JS is really not suited to working with web services.

@YURI MARX GOMES solution (HandleCorsRequest) would work for REST.

Hi, @YURI MARX GOMES! I kind agree with Herman here - the post is great, well done and very thoughtful. But if you add to this one or two working technical solutions on IRIS to prove/describe  the idea better, that will be much interesting for the audience if the Developer Community.