Can you generate the debug log with these instructions?

Troubleshooting Debugger Issues

If you are experiencing issues using the debugger, please follow these steps before opening an issue on GitHub:

  1. Open a terminal on your server and zn to the namespace containing the class or routine you are debugging.
  2. Run the command Kill ^IRIS.Temp.Atelier("debug"), then Set ^IRIS.Temp.Atelier("debug") = 1 to turn on the Atelier API debug logging feature. If you are on Caché or Ensemble, the global is ^CacheTemp.ISC.Atelier("debug").
  3. In VS Code, start a debugging session using the configuration that produces the error.
  4. Once the error appears, copy the contents of the ^IRIS.Temp.Atelier("debug") global and add it to your GitHub issue.
  5. After you capture the log, run the command Kill ^IRIS.Temp.Atelier("debug"), then Set ^IRIS.Temp.Atelier("debug") = 0 to turn logging back off again.

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The response is a string code only, so if we don't have error, the edge was sucessful, otherwise I try to suspend to try again after

Yes, because the Edge is usually remote, so I used but calling the remote Web Service:

1. Create the web service client from the WSDL http://<IP>:<PORT>/<NAMESPACE>/csp/healthshare/hsedge/HS.Gateway.HSWS.WebServices.cls?wsdl. (more details:

1.1 To create the web service client classes do (

set r=##class(%SOAP.WSDL.Reader).%New() 
GSOAP>set url="http://<IP>:<PORT>/<NAMESPACE>/csp/healthshare/hsedge/HS.Gateway.HSWS.WebServices.cls?wsdl"
GSOAP>d r.Process(url, "targetpackagename")

2. Use the SOAP generated class to consume EPRSave():

Class package.NameOperation Extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Parameter ADAPTER = "EnsLib.SOAP.OutboundAdapter";
Parameter INVOCATION = "Queue";
Method SendSDA(pRequest As pack.WSReq, Output pResponse As pack.Resp) As %Status
  Set tSC = 1
  Set sda = ""
  Set pResponse = ##class(pack.Resp).%New() 

  Try {
    While 'pRequest.sda.AtEnd {
      Set sda = sda_pRequest.sda.ReadLine() 
    Set request = ##class(hcd.ECRUpdateRequest).%New()
    Set request.UpdateECRDemographics = 1
    Set request.AllowFacilityAsAssigningAuthority = 0
    Set request.StreamContentType = "SDA3"
    Set request.ContentStream = sda
    Set client = ##class(hcd.HS.Gateway.HSWS.WebServicesSoap).%New()
    Do ##class(Ens.Util.Log).LogInfo($classname(),"SendSDA","Send SDA to: "_client.Location)
    Set client.SSLConfiguration = "HCD_SSL"
    Set cred = ##class(Ens.Config.Credentials).%OpenId("HS_Services")
    Set wsuser = cred.Username
    Set wspass = cred.Password  
    Do client.WSSecurityLogin(wsuser,wspass) 
    Do client.EPRSave(request, .response)
    Set pResponse.response = "OK"
    Set pResponse.response = "SDA sent"
  } Catch ex {
    Set tSC = 1
    Do ##class(Ens.Util.Log).LogError($classname(),"SendSDA",$System.Status.GetErrorText(%objlasterror))
    Set pResponse.response = "Not OK"
    Set pResponse.response = "Error while sending SDA. Details: "_$System.Status.GetErrorText(%objlasterror)
    Set ..SuspendMessage = 1

  Return tSC

XData MessageMap
  <MapItem MessageType="pack.WSReq">


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