First thanks to everyone who contributed,  Mauri Kaatrasalo was the one who led me in the direction to my final solution but I learned something new from all of you.
So using FileStream setting Ensamble creates 2 files, one under the Ensamble installation and one in the stream folder of the namespace. Ensamble will delete the one under the ensamble installation after being done with it’s job, so the one left to care about is the one in the stream folder of the namespace.

What I ended up doing in short is… 
#Turned on the service’s UseFileStream propterty.
#Created a subclass of  EnsLib.FTP.InboundAdapter, where I added Property for “StreamedFileName”
#During processFile I save the filename ensamble gave the tempfile it is creating in “StreamedFileName” property.
#In the service after sending the file to the EnsLib.FTP.PassthroughOperation I delete the resulting stream file using the value in the ..Adapter.StreamedFileName property.

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Hello Dmitry!

I just started working with ensamble and this was my first post in the community, must say I am super impressed with the fast turnaround.

Thank you very much!