I have a persistent class that represents cities across the United States.  It is below, but basically has a City Id, Name, Lat, Lon and a few other unimportant fields for this issue.  Anytime I attempt to query on the Latitude or Longitude it immediately returns no results.  My first thought was that it was a casting issue so I tried casting both sides to floats, ints, even strings and in all cases it immediately comes back with no results.  I then decided to cast it to a string and attempt a like statement thinking it might be something about how floats are handled, but still no joy.  Any

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I need to dynamically create a class based on a parameter passed into a class method.  Basically the method takes in a string that contains the name of the class I need to create a new instance of. 

I need something along these lines. 

ClassMethod someMethod(className As %String)
	set classObject = ##class(className).%New()


Trying to do this right results in a class not found error because it seems to be treating the variable as a literal string.

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We upgraded from 2017.1 to 2017.2 today and noticed that when shutting down we must do it as an administrator.  Attempting to shut down as a non-admin result in a failure to shut down message.  We are curious if there was an issue with our upgrade or if there is a change that requires an administrator to shut down Cache in 2017.2.


Operating System is Windows Server 2012 R2.  We run Cache in a cluster using Windows Failover Cluster where we swing the drive from one machine to another when failing.  

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Justin Wilson · May 9, 2018
Standardizing Error Logging

I have been tasked with creating a class that will handle error logging in a consistent manor for an application I am working on.  The need is to have all variables in the calling method logged along with some other information. 

The example given was zwrite which is exactly what I need, however, I somehow need to capture the output of ZW and put it into a database table.  Any easy way to capture this data?  I was able to dump ZW to a file, but that is not ideal.

Any help is appreciated!

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Our application has a SOAP service that is currently exposed via the built-in Apache server inside of Cache.  I have configured the application to IIS instead so we can IP-Filter, however I no longer wish to have the management portal or other resources via the built-in Apache server.  How can I disable the built-in Apache server so internal resources no longer reply on that server and are instead routed via the IIS site?

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